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About Sheesh App

Sheesh is the first app-based marketplace in the Middle East (based in the UAE) that allows users to buy, sell and trade sneakers, streetwear, collectibles and other limited release items. Users can bid and place asks for listed items allowing them to name their price and keep updated of changes in the market.

We don’t determine the price, you do. As a live marketplace, Sheesh empowers you to Bid and Buy at real-time prices that reflect the current demand.

Sheesh is launching with an exclusive and new offering for this industry (Sheesh Trade), allowing users to trade items for a different size or even a different product for a nominal fee.

All items being sold or traded on Sheesh go through an extensive authentication process which ensures that users receive authentic products in their new condition.

Sheesh App


Bid/Buy the rarest and most wanted exclusive sneakers, streetwear and collectibles at the tip of your finger on the Sheesh app and have it delivered to your door.


List and sell your items directly on the app and set your price as you please with convenient pickup service.


Trade your item(s) for another or for a different size and add or reduce money to the trade.

Sheesh app

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